Our People

We expect each employee to work toward our mission and our values:

  1. Always think of others and seek for their happiness.
    We cherish the philosophy of being respectful of others such as customers or colleagues. This is important more than anything. People would exercise greater ability by influencing one another than acting individually.
  2. Self-driven and seek for results
    Work is not something that is given from someone, but is something we should create by ourselves. When one gives plenty of thought and lead to an answer before he/she moves into action, that’s what works are for. In this way, people fulfill their responsibility.
  3. Think positive, and act positive!
    It’s important to stay positive. This does not simply mean to be optimistic, but means to be a positive person who can seek the meaning and learn from difficulty when we confront a problem.
  4. Be grateful and be humble.
    People around us made us what we are today. Be humble and reflect on the past work when we face difficulty, and be grateful and appreciate others in good time. Accept own faults, and thanks to others.