Service Policy

We constantly exceed customer expectations by providing our services with the policy “go beyond the plus”.

“Go beyond the plus” means that we will always aim to provide customers with the best services by offering additional surprise and delight which will surpass customer expectations. Astonish customers by going beyond their expectations. It should not be one-time-only excessive service, but should be services that can keep offering something “plus-value” – might be an idea or a little thoughtfulness - to our customers. We believe that we can have sustained relationship with customers if our “plus-value” makes a lasting impression on our customers to warm their hearts. This is the origin of PlusS.

We will add “plus-value” for each customer depending on the situation. Go beyond the plus. The new level of plus.

Examples of our services

  • Overall marketing support services
    -Planning & execution of promotional programs
    -Investigation & Planning services
    -Digital marketing planning & execution
    -Communication program planning & execution
  • Business process improvement
  • Support for setting up various operations offices